The Maintenance And Repair Of Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are nowadays used in almost all households and industries as the best source of heating water using the solar energy. It is much more economical and does not require any gas supply or electricity to work. But, the solar water heaters have to be maintained on a periodic basis to ensure that it works well at their maximum efficiency throughout the year. Always make sure that you consult quality solar heater maintenance professionals like The site urges the public to save energy and solar heaters are one such exquisite methods to save energy and generate heat in a much more economical way.

All kinds of solar energy systems need routine inspections and maintenance works to ensure that they operate effectively. Some of the components also might need to be replaced once in a while. Proper measurements to prevent corrosion, freezing, and scaling also need to be taken care of on a regular basis. Some of the maintenance tasks can be done by yourself while some other tasks need a qualified professional. Always ask for a detailed estimate of the cost of the work to be done before the repair or maintenance works. This helps avoid confusion after the work completion. In some cases, it would be better to replace or buy a new solar heater than repair it.

Solar Heater Inspections
Periodic inspections of your solar heater components can ensure that the heater remains functional all throughout the year. Here are some points to be noted:

Check for collector shading
Try checking the collector shading during the daytime. It would be better to check when there is enough light. You could try checking during mid-mornings, noon’s mid-afternoon times. Just check on an annual basis, and you will be able to notice changes, if there are any. New construction in the house, or on your neighbor’s area can cause shadings. A vegetation growth that spread around during the previous years can also cause shadings.

If the collector is all dusty or soiled, then the solar heater performance will go down. Hence, periodic cleaning is one of the necessities of maintaining the solar heater. Dry climates always invite dust and dirt. Hence, take extra care during such climates.

Check the seals and glazing of the collectors
The collector glazing can get cracks over time. Also, the seals should be periodically checked to confirm whether they are in good condition or not. If the plastic glazing has become too yellowed, then it always better to replace it.

Check the wiring connections, duct works, and plumbing lines
A regular check of pipe connections for any leakages is recommended. The seals and duct connections have to be checked periodically. Ensure that the ducts are always sealed with a quality mastic compound. All the wire connections have to be tight and secure.

Insulation checks
Always check for any degradation or damages of the insulation that covers the ducts, wirings, and pipes.

Always check whether the sealants and flashings all around the roof penetrations are in good condition. One you have performed these checks, you will know that your solar setup is working at maximum efficiency.