Throwing Light To The Necessity Of Employee Verification!

In early days, the process of employment verification was not done much by organizations. They just selected the employees based on their educational certificates, experience claims, and performance in the interviews. But soon the repeated occurrences of frauds, drug abuses and thefts in companies highlighted and questioned the traditional methods of employee recruitment process. That is how the necessity of employee background check came into the spotlight. The link highlights the growing usage of firearms background checks in the US.

The Necessity!
As the popular saying goes, “all the things that are white are not milk”! You cannot fully trust an employee just by the information they provide during the interviews. Nowadays people even forge graduation certificates as well as work experiences with the help of talented fraudsters. There are trustworthy employees too. But it is always better to cross check the details and ensure that the information provided by the employee is true. Employee verification helps the employers to confirm that the professional work experience and educational qualifications an employee had conveyed to the company are true or not.

Work Experience Checks
The employee verification process cross-checks the title of jobs held by the candidate at their previous job. It also checks the start date and the end dates of all previous work experiences. In some cases, even the duties involved in previous jobs and salaries are also checked. The reason for the candidate leaving from the previous jobs will also be inquired by previous employers. They will also be asked whether the candidate is good enough to be given a post in the present company.

In some cases, the information provided by the candidate will be proven to be true. This makes the candidate suitable for the post, and the organization also feels a sense of trust about the employee as they were fully truthful about their achievements and education. But, in other cases, such background checks reveal that the candidate had been lying about their work experiences or education. This creates a negative impression and immediate withdrawal of the candidate’s application for the post. In either way, it only helps the company to get a clear idea about the candidates they are hiring.

Character Checks
The educational qualifications and previous work experiences are not the only factors that determine the selection of a candidate in an organization. Nowadays, companies also stress on the way of conduct of the person as they need to maintain a calm and peaceful atmosphere in their office premises. Hence background checks are conducted to confirm whether the candidate has any criminal past or arrested for possession of drugs. Drug abuse cases are seriously looked at, and companies often don’t prefer to select a person with a history of drug usage.

Also, in jobs where the employee is expected to drive vehicles and drop products at their customer’s places; a background check is also done to check whether the person has been arrested for rash driving cases. Such people are not usually preferred for jobs that require driving four or two-wheelers.